Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Cause for Celebration

During these tough economic times...(don't you like hear that phrase everyday). I know I have. It is tough out there and everyone knows someone that has been laid off if it's not themselves. It is in that spirit that I write this post. There is nothing more precious and wonderful like the prospect of a new life. Seeing Derek and Emily together as they await the arrival of their new baby just really made me take a step back and realize what is really important. So if we loose our houses and our cars we realize that at the end of all that lose, if there is no love then we have wasted our time. So let their little miracle inspire you to love. :)

On a side note that I find particularly interesting, all of the outside shots were taken on the walking trail in our neighborhood. Derek and Emily live in the same neighborhood as me and I actually used to work with Derek at BOA before I got my head on straight and went the photography route. Good move I'd say.

much love,

I realize this is a trendy shot, but I just love it. You've got have the heart on the belly shot. :)

I love the peacefulness of this shot.

As promised, these are my two favorite shots of the day. I'm captivated.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Andrea + Mark 1.17.09

brrrrr it's cold outside, but for these two love birds you'd never know it. I loved the comfort between Andrea and Mark. You can just see that they are totally relaxed with each other and have a mutual respect. The is very special and I honestly don't see this in every couple I shoot so I took advantage of it and it really shows in their images. I do realize I've posted WAY too many images, but I couldn't help myself. :)

Another great aspect of their wedding was that it was at my church in downtown Greenville. This was very special to me and it made shooting that much more fun. :) Thanks guys!

Andrea and Mark, you two are the bee knees and I so enjoyed getting to know both of you and being a part of your special day.

much love,