Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maryann + Marcus 3.28.09

This has been a crazy spring to say the least. Just in the last three weeks I've had six weddings, but I'm seriously not complaining. I couldn't be happier for the business especially in this economy. :) Maryann and Marcus were my first couple to start off this season so I'm super excited to share their images with you. These two love birds were married at St Paul United Methodist in downtown Greenville with the reception following at The Sawmill.

Now a little about the lovely couple. Maryann is this cute little thang and Marcus just towers over her. I love it because it reminds me of Matt and that he is 6'2" to my 5'1". They were super adorable the whole day with big smiles and soft touches. These two are truly bffs on top of everything else. They've been together for 7 years and went to Clemson University together, which is near and dear to my heart because that is where I met Matt.

On a side note, Maryann wanted me to give a special shout out to all her friends and family that helped with everything and made it all come together for her and Marcus. Thanks guys!

Anyway, now for some fab shots from their day. I hope you enjoy and to Maryann and Marcus - thanks so much for everything, you were a delight to work with. :)

The flowers are by The Flower Peddler. I think they did a fab job.

The lovely cake is by Coutoure Cakes. They are one of my favorite cake makers in G-Vegas.


  1. Great pics Olivia! I can't wait to see the rest!!! It was so nice meeting you at MaryAnn's wedding. :)

  2. I love them!! I can't wait to see them all:) Thanks so much for everything! -MaryAnn