Thursday, May 14, 2009

Megan's Bridal

Wanna hear something funny...I have 4 brides this year named Megan. I don't know, it's funny to me. The best part is that they are all just drop dead gorgeous. Here's my latest Megan in all her splendor. Her wedding was May 1 so I'm safe to post my favorites from her bridal. Megan and her now husband live in Charleston where they are now in residency status for med school. You really don't have to twist my arm to go to Charleston so I was delighted to go there for her bridal. The lighting in Charleston is some of the best out there. You seriously walk down the street and see doorways and alleyways just filled with gorgeous light so that is what we did, walk around the city. I love my job. Please enjoy, no really, I insist. :)

My favorite shot of the day. I love how I just caught her here.

work it, work it

Ok, I LOVE this shot. It reminds me of an NYC wedding photographer that I adore, Christain Oth. He is amazing. I love his work.

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